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restoring confidence and hope in your journey

Leslie Allen, RD/LD

Fertility encompasses so much more than just ‘getting the timing right’. If you’re here wanting to prep for a pregnancy to come — kudos to you! Most people don’t take the preconception time period seriously or they assume since they have no major health issues, they’re good to go. You can optimize your fertility by nourishing your body and honing in on your cycle and any potential issues that need addressed. 

Maybe getting pregnant hasn’t followed your expected timeline and you’re here feeling disappointed or anxious. Or maybe you’re here because infertility or miscarriage has left you heartbroken, hopeless, feeling like less of a women, or even angry. I understand.  The pain is real and the road often feels lonely, but you don’t have to walk it alone. Wherever you are at in your fertility journey, there is hope!

We will work to find out what may be interfering with your health and fertility and address it at the root. Through my story and my training, my desire is to walk along side you to help navigate the lifestyle changes and testing needed to boost fertility while also balancing and supporting your heart and emotions. Struggling to get pregnant, even for only a few months, can be a hard road to walk, but when you understand more deeply what balances and boosts your body, you can be confident in your plan and hopeful for the future. 

Fertility works best when bodies are balanced and nourished.  Our bodies are wise. When they are just trying to survive, they know it’s not an optimal time to have a baby. 

What we’ll look at for optimal fertility:

  • Hormone balance – sex hormones, thyroid, insulin, adrenals…they all affect fertility!
  • Egg and sperm health –  and the lifestyle choices that impact these
  • Cycle tracking – simple, inexpensive and super effective tracking methods
  • Micronutrient status – do you have the nutrients and antioxidants you need?
  • Specific foods, supplements, and herbs to boost fertility
  • Chronic stress and how to manage
  • Poor digestion and absorption – gut health
  • Environmental toxins such as xenoestrogens and your body’s ability to detoxify
  • Food sensitivities and much more! 

Natural fertility treatments increase the chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby because you aren’t forcing reproduction, instead nourishing the body and encouraging what is naturally supposed to happen. 

A healthy egg + A healthy sperm + Balanced body = Optimal fertility

Take a deep dive into common underlying imbalances (both male and female) that may be preventing you from getting and staying pregnant.

This self-paced course addresses the issues that often get overlooked, even by many doctors. 

When your bodies are balanced and nourished, your fertility will also be optimal. 

Restore confidence and hope in your fertility journey as you understand the root issues that may be hindering your ability to get and stay pregnant.

This guide takes a holistic approach to fertility and gives specific steps you and your spouse can take to optimize your fertility naturally.

A healthy sperm + healthy egg + healthy female body = optimal fertility.