Guide to Natural Fertility


Restore confidence and hope in your fertility journey as you understand the root issues that may be hindering your ability to get and stay pregnant.

This guide takes a holistic approach to fertility and gives specific steps you and your spouse can take to optimize your fertility naturally.

A healthy sperm + healthy egg + healthy female body = optimal fertility.
(p.s. you need a healthy male body for healthy sperm 🙂 )




Fix underlying imbalances to conceive naturally!

Fertility can be complex, but understanding and supporting the foundational aspects of both male and female fertility greatly improves your chances of conceiving naturally and having a healthy baby. Unfortunately, there are many things in our lives that can impair fertility. Everything from what you eat and put on your skin to how you handle stress. Sometimes the changes needed for optimal fertility are simple and other times it takes a more thorough approach to rebalancing the body so it can do what is natural – make a baby!

In this Guide to Natural Fertility (e-book), I am sharing with you not only what I have learned professionally, but also what I learned walking the road of “unexplained” infertility for almost 2 years. It is a hard and sometimes lonely road to walk, but I want to restore confidence and hope in your journey by showing you where to find the underlying imbalances that may be preventing you from getting and staying pregnant. Seriously, there are SO many things that are overlooked, even by many doctors (hormone balance, gut health, inflammation, diet, toxic load, suboptimal labs etc). Let me take you back to the foundational health pieces that need to be in place for optimal fertility!

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What’s in the guide?

Fertility Checklist & Action Steps

Cycle Tracking Specifics & Issues to Watch Out For

Keys to Determining Fertile Days

Optimal Fertility Diet & Environmental Factors

Fertility Supplements

Common Fertility Issues & How to Address Naturally

Hormone Balancing

Improving Female & Male Fertility

Troubleshooting (PCOS, Endometriosis…)

Specific Lab Testing for Males & Females

Plus More!


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