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restoring confidence and hope in your journey

Leslie Allen, RD/LD

Hope is the heartbeat of the soul…

I’m so glad you’re here — exploring options for improving your health and fertility! I know firsthand how overwhelming it can be to sift through all the information and try to find the best path forward in your fertility journey. 

When you work with me, I will be looking to identify underlying imbalances in your body. It is these imbalances that often cause “unexplained” infertility as well as many of the conditions which make it more difficult to conceive — pcos, male factor infertility, endometriosis, etc. Through personalized diet and symptom assessments, comprehensive functional testing (if appropriate), and a listening ear, I would be honored to work with you! 

If you’re ready to get started, you can schedule below or start with a free 20 minute consult to see if we’d be a good fit.

Fertility Packages (Couples or Individual)

Whether you are prepping for conception or having been trying for some time, we’ll look at any previous labs/testing you’ve had done (if any), learn about your unique health, and make an individualized plan to optimize your fertility. 

  • Initial Fertility Assessment
  • 3 Follow-ups
  • Testing available (not included in price)
  • Email support between appointments
  • 15% discount on professional supplements

Comprehensive Fertility Packages (Testing included)

Dig a little deeper into underlying imbalances that may be hindering your ability to conceive and have a healthy baby. We’ll look into hormone balance, gut health, inflammation, thyroid and adrenal health, food sensitivities, nutrient status and more! 

  1. Initial Fertility Assessment
  2. 4 Follow-ups
  3. Functional testing
    • DUTCH Complete Hormone and Adrenal Panel
    • At-Home Semen Analysis
    • MRT Food Sensitivity Test
    • GI MAP Stool Test
    • Vibrant Micronutrient Test
    • Vibrant Blood Chemistry Panel
  4. Unlimited email/messaging support between appointments
  5. 15% discount on professional supplements

Note: This package is a about a 4 month commitment and depending on your results, you may need to take a break from actively trying to conceive for part or all of that time. 

Initial Fertility Assessment (Couples or Individual)

We’ll dive into your history to better understand any root issues and make a plan, specific to your needs, to boost your fertility. 

Ferility Follow-up (Couples or Individual)

40-60 minute follow-up after the initial assessment to make adjustments as needed and take the next steps toward getting and staying pregnant. 

At- Home Semen Analysis &

Check your semen quality with this convenient at-home test. Volume, count/concentration, motility, morphology, and total motile count included. DNA fragmentation coming soon!

40 minute consultation with customized recommendations based on your results. 

Take a deep dive into common underlying imbalances (both male and female) that may be preventing you from getting and staying pregnant. This self-paced course addresses the issues that often get overlooked, even by many doctors. 

When your bodies are balanced and nourished, your fertility will also be optimal.